Our 'Conscious' Business Practices

Since These Little Treasures began making dolls back in 2015, we had a vision to create toys that were 'good' in more ways than one...
Here are some of our 'conscious' business practices that we are committed to following:
Producing toys that are 'good' for our children...

We want our toys to be playful, comforting, safe and natural. Therefore all the materials and prints we use are natural/ non toxic substances, and we choose organic fabrics where we can.

All our toys are safety tested to Australian/New Zealand toy safety standards.

We also believe that childhood can be a challenging time when faced with changes or things yet to be understood. So we see this time as an opportunity to reinforce positive messages and habits of positive thinking, to help them grow and thrive as confident, happy little beings. We do this in many creative ways that engage the child's imagination, to make it fun and memorable.

Using manufacturing practices that are the least impactful on the environment...

Making any type of product requires using materials and energy. We try and do this with as minimal impact to our environment as possible. 

The most important way, we believe helps reduce our carbon footprint on the environment, is to make all of our goods in Australia, with the majority of them made locally (being in a 20km radius). Much of the negative impact that products make on the world, is the carbon emissions in transporting them, particularly from overseas.

We carry very small amounts of stock and make to order - this way, we never run the risk of our made goods not selling and possibly going to landfill.

We also do not use plastic to wrap any of our products, and our postage envelopes are fully recyclable or recycled.

Our office, studio and warehouse are powered by solar energy.

We have also just introduced the option for customers to offset their carbon imprint from their purchase by donating to a 'Carbon Offset' organization at the checkout. This feature also shows you exactly where the money goes and what it has achieved so far.

Supporting our local community...

The 'how' our products are made is very important to us, just as the 'who' makes our products.

The designer and director of the company, Dainy, is still very hands on at making many of the specialised portions of These Little Treasures. But she is not able to do it alone! Therefore, as the studio is in regional Victoria, a handful of local craftspeople have been selected and trained to hand make different aspects of each piece, and rely on These Little Treasures for regular employment, just as we rely on them for the love and care they put into their work.

Australia is also regulated when it comes to fair pay and work practices. Therefore, we can feel 100% sure that our goods are manufactured ethically under good working environments, to highest quality standard.

Supporting local has so many benefits to the community, that go beyond just earning a wage. It ensures a sense of belonging and pride that we hope, is evident in all our products.

Using recycled or recyclable materials where ever possible...

The fabrics used to make many of our dolls and toys are sourced from remnant warehouses. This means we are selecting fabrics that have already been produced for another purpose but never used. We therefore save these fabrics from going into landfill, and they have not been specifically manufactured for us.

The filling we use in our dolls is made in Australia from recycled PET water bottles. So again, it is using a repurposed product rather than manufacturing a new one.

The packaging we use is either recycled or recyclable (or both).

Supporting worthy charities, hand picked for their benefits...

So far, we have chosen to support the Make-A-Wish foundation in Australia and Wildlife Victoria. We believe that 'Charity starts in your own backyard' so we always like to support charities close to our vicinity, and heart.

Working with business that have transparent sustainable business practices...

As we rely on other businesses, we choose these based on their quality of work and transparent sustainable practices.


On each product page, you will find a section labelled 'The GOOD Stuff'. Here you can read the specifics about how it has come to be, and make your purchase knowing that you have helped do 'good' too.